Here we go again...

Toying again with the idea of jettisoning LiveJournal. May as well give this a try for a while. For now, here's an amusing link:

Werbung gegen die Realität

They've taken photos of instant food packaging and photos of the final prepared product to point out just exactly how much food advertising polishes the images they put on their packaging. Quite terrifying, but somehow amusing at the same time.

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"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

I would definitely say that most all stencils are home-made and hand-cut with an X-acto, unless it is some corporate gurellia marketing campaign, then they are mass-produced. Although apparently you can buy "Banksy" kits, which is like paying money and risking arrest to promote -well- someone who is already famous. Mhh.
as to why we see this in Berlin and not so much elsewhere:
I am pretty sure that the United States has much much strenger laws and punishments against grafitti artists, whereas Berlin rarely cleans up grafitti - not to mention it just seems to be out of the authorities control. Seattle there was a anti-grafitti task force, sometimes they would have it painted-over within an hour of its completion. There was also a private business which used some VERY gnarly chemicals to remove the spraypaint rather than paint over. I#d imagine that was an expensive process / lucrative business.
There is a great documentary about grafitti in Portland... oh, if I could only remember the name... well, it was about how the painting-over of grafitti (an endless and poointless task, really) which is paid for by the city actually produces a Rothko-esque end result, esentially forcing a high art /acceptable aesthetic and using it to mask more random chaotic and democratic grafitti work... And also... ok, I forgot my last point... crap.