It's my birfday.

I looked back at the blogs in search of something interesting I wrote on my birthdays past, but apparently I'm not very inspired on my birthday. I'm a great proponent of New Years' posts, though. This is what I found.

2007: a Boring meme
2006: the same Boring meme
2005: nothing inspiring

Huh. I thought I had posted resolutions before...

Anyway, I'm posting new-birth-year resolutions, since I've decided in recent years that January 1 is kind of arbitrary and generally disappointing. Please bear in mind that this list reflects a small measure of anticipatory holiday funk-ness and the attending need for cheer.
  1. I'm smart, so I'm going to start doing smart work more smartly.
  2. I have friends, so I'm going to see my friends more often and keep in touch with the ones who aren't handy.
  3. I actually have it pretty good, so I'm going to be a little more aware of that and thankful for it.
  4. Short-term: I will enjoy the rest of the wedding planning a lot and I will also enjoy my wedding.
  5. I will attempt to be healthier.
  6. I will attempt to be happier.
  7. I will read for pleasure regularly.
  8. I will do things other than go to work and watch TV.
  9. I will cook more interesting things.
  10. I will be creative.
That's the short list, anyway.

Happy birthday me. Now back to grading tests.

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