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It's been a slow-blogging season, but I'm back now, packed with new resolutions and resolve to do everything better and more this year. Not realistic, but optimistic, you've got to admit. Winter has settled in on Watertown and I find myself buried under snow as well as much-procrastinated work. Here are some highlights:

Before Christmas, I baked these:
Apricot and Nut Cookies with Amaretto Icing. Delicious and Not Too Sweet!

This is what I did on my Christmas Vacation:Then we came back to town and showed Boston off to Dan's mum and aunt:
While we were gazing at Boston (from the Top of the Hub), we drank lovely cocktails and looked at the lovely orchid on our table:Finally, Lucy is dismayed by the snow. It sticks to her. These are what Dan refers to as chesticles:

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jess said...

Oh, Emily, you look stunning. But "not too sweet." (Thanks for the shout out.)