Wish List - in no particular order

  1. a larger bed
  2. and bed frame
  3. kitchen table and chairs
  4. more bookshelves
  5. frame for our Chagall print
  6. trip to Seattle and environs, Vancouver
  7. trip to Ireland/UK/Guernsey
  8. trip to Germany
  9. new wardrobe
  10. another puppy
  11. the necessary accoutrements for a really cool office space
  12. herb and vegetable plants to grow in containers on our new deck
  13. a cheap, trustworthy moving company
  14. oriental rug
  15. comfy leather armchair
  16. coffee table


Liz said...

I hope you can go to Seattle soon! It is such a wonderful city.
I didn't like Vancouver as much--more rough and tattered around the edges--but there would be a lot of opportunity for picture taking!

You will have a deck! I want to hear about your new place. I can't wait to visit you there. :)

wjh said...

Hm, I am not sure I can help much with that list. But is there anything you want me to bring from D-land in May?

EEJ said...

Liz: can't wait to have you and Mr. Y. over for dinner as soon as we get a table! I may also ask your help in planting a container garden on my deck (or in the yard if I don't get enough sun on the deck)...

Wjh: Omas? Or if that's too much trouble, how about the Portugieser that I like to go to? Failing that, how about some Schokolade? :-)