This Week's The Grand Essential To-Do

  • Do laundry (ASAP)
  • Final Edits/Bibliography tweaking on Prospectus (By Tuesday 5 PM)
  • Post lecture notes (today)
  • Finish PITF application (today)
  • Submit Final Exam question proposals (today)
  • GWF final report (today)
  • Find and book a moving company (by Friday?)
  • Finish grading for Extension school (by Thursday)
  • Write Extension School Final (by next Thursday)
  • Car for 5/21-24 (ASAP)
  • Hotel for 7/18 in Marion, MA (ASAP)
  • Hotel for 8/20-23 in Tiverton, RI (ASAP)
  • Change addresses on everything (5/15)

1 comment:

Liz said...

Good luck with packing and moving (and everything else). I hate moving. I have to pack in the next week, too. Bleh.