One a Day... Number five

A photo and a story. I decided to make use of my brand new ice cream maker and whip up some fresh watermelon sorbet. So, I took about 3/4 of a small watermelon, cubed and seeded it and popped it into my (also brand new) food processor. Then I squeezed half a lime in and threw in a glug or two of the lime scented simple syrup I made the night before. Then I added a splash of vodka and popped it into the ice cream maker. Result: delicious intense watermelon-y flavor with just enough tart lime flavor and sugary sweetness. The texture was a little odd, but still tasty.

In other news, I've been shooting black and white medium format and rediscovering the joys of that. Will hopefully have scans soon. (Oh, scanner, how do I want you... Canoscan 8800f, maybe?)

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