Culling Time

I have, as you all know, a little window-box herb garden. Unfortunately, my basil (beautiful flat-leaf Italian basil from Pemberton Farms) grew a little out of control and was choking out my thyme and sage. There was only one thing to do. I trimmed and cut back and culled and ended up with a pile of fresh basil that just didn't know what to do with itself.

So, I pulled out my food processor, grated up a big chunk of parmesan, threw in some pine nuts, added the basil and processed until it smelled nutty and cheesy and fresh. I then added olive oil until I liked the color and consistency. My best guess as to quantities: 1 cup basil leaves, 3 T pine nuts (all I had left), and about a cup of oil. Also, salt and pepper.**I tossed some of the pesto with penne (which we ate alongside some delicious chicken sausage), but there was a lot left over. What to do? I pulled out an ice cube tray, discarded its cubes and filled up six of the little wells with pesto. I left them in the freezer overnight and am now left with six delicious little green cubes, just waiting for a craving to hit. I highly recommend you all kill some basil today. The results are stunning.**Note: I did not add garlic. This was simply an oversight, but it did result in a mild and versatile pesto.


booksandcoffee said...

Haha, good that you added the note. I was just going to comment how you could possibly make pesto without any garlic! ;)

I use at least three garlic cloves on a cup of basil. Delicious!! I should make some soon. :)

Liz said...

I did the same recipe for my pesto, except for three BIG garlic cloves, and two packed cups of basil. Ah for a food processor... I almost melted Mike's blender churning up all that basil. I want to try multi-herb pesto (with parsley or cilantro... have you tried that?), next.

Maris said...

I LOVE that you didn't add garlic. Sometimes garlic is just too much flavor for a simple, light, summery dish.

EEJ said...

Wiebke - I made more pesto yesterday and used LOTS of garlic. I can still taste it, in fact, after two tooth-brushings. You proud?

Maris - I agree. I like a sweeter pesto just as much as the hardcore garlicky kind.