Well, hello.

This is what I woke up to this morning.Granted, I cheated by buying an orchid from IKEA that already had buds (but no blooms!), but I'm convinced that my influence has saved it from languishing in that grim warehouse. This was the thanks I received for rescuing it.

That was the pleasant start to my day. How are all of you?


Christine said...

Maybe you also should take care of my orchids.

Liz said...

Beeeeyooootiful. I love the magenta ones. I am sure it is MUCH happier in its new home.
I recommend getting an orchid-specific fertilizer and feeding it right after it stops blooming (orchids get very fatigued from their, ahem, reproductive exertions). If you cut the flower stalk back to just below the last bud and just above a node, it might rebloom from the same stalk around February. p.s. Maybe you know this stuff already. If so I apologize in advance.

EEJ said...

Christine - This is my first try with orchids!
Liz - I don't know ANYTHING about orchids. See above. Tell me everything.