Liveblogging Turkey Day

6:02 PM - Mission accomplished.

3:09 PM
- First rounds of eights out of the oven. Fluffy and delicious.

2:51 PM - Turkey done, stuffing done, corn souffle done, first round of eights in the oven, gravy done.

1:56 PM
- Beans blanched, ginger grated, bacon being chopped, turkey at 140°, stuffing and corn casserole in oven, potatoes for mashing on the stove. Eights rising.

1:11 PM
- T-2 hours, approximately. Potatoes being peeled, beans being blanched, turkey still in oven. For me: last minute snack to take the edge off so that I don't nibble from now until dinner. Leftover shepherd's pie from last night should do the trick.

12:44 PM
- Corn Souffle, stuffing ready to go. Eights cut/formed/ready to rise. Now cleaning up, then starting the green beans.

12:12 PM - Time to make eights!

12:00 PM - Turkey breasts IN

11:45 AM - Using a lull in cooking time (pecan pie in oven) to set my mom up with her own blog (finally). Details TBD.

10:30 AM - Roasting the turkey on a bed of celery to keep it off the bottom and give the stock good flavor.

10:11 AM - Executive decision to add apple to the stuffing.

10:03 AM - Getting a bit of a late start with the liveblogging today - I woke at 8 to the smell of onions and celery cooking down in butter (the start of the stuffing). After trundling downstairs and waking myself up a little more, we had Yukon Gold Cinnamon Rolls (best cinnamon roll recipe ever - like a certain unnamed mall chain, but without the sickly sweetness and the chemically after taste). After breakfast, things shift into a higher gear - stuffing being assembled (onion + celery + mix + lots of mushrooms), homemade dark turkey stock coming out of the fridge for stuffing and, eventually, gravy. Corn 'souffle' being mixed up (that's a recipe that you'll be seeing soon). Philosophical discussion of eggs in stuffing (mom says no, her grandma said yes). Last night was a thanksgiving prep orgy: dough for 'eights' (potato dinner rolls), cinnamon rolls, pie crust for pecan pie, orange pieapple fluff.


Blume said...

On the egg question: my grandmother said yes, my mom does it that way about half the time, I say no. Stuffing is rich and heavy enough already.

booksandcoffee said...

would there still be food left if i take the first flight in the morning?