Clip Show: Old-school photos

My lovely husband bought me a scanner for Christmas. This means that I can finally dive into scanning my old negatives (a project I started back in Summer) at home! It also means that I can take, develop, and scan all my own black and white photos. It's awesome. This means that I've gotten to revisit some delicious old images and I thought I'd share some with you. The image above is one of my favorites ever - a photo of my old friend Anna tentatively dipping her feet in Paradise Pond. The water was very still that day. (Kodak TMY 400, on a Yashica Mat)
Here, the window at Leavitt & Pierce, one of my favorite sights as I walk from the T to the office every day. I love the juxtaposition of toys and the creepy stuffed, dead-looking bird. (Ilford HP5, on my Mamiya 645e)
Wiebke's birthday, 2004. Sparklers were a good idea. (Ilford XP2, Canon EOS300)

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Jess said...

You got a scanner? That's great! I hope it is a little less temperamental than mine... Nice clip show. I love that Ilford HP5.