Monday clip show: December roll

Yesterday I developed film for the first time in a LONG time. Here are some shots from a random December roll of film. Kodak TMax 100. Sprint chemistry. Lovely fine grain. I'm going to attempt to make this (developing and photo posting) a regular habit. No point in letting chemistry sit around and go bad. Also, it's a big part of the New Creativity. Fig. 1. Dan at Hi Rise Bakery in Harvard Square. This is the face he makes when he's confused why I'm taking a picture AGAIN.
Fig. 2. This is one of a row of stately houses across from the courthouse on 3rd Street, very near our house. It was Saturday morning and we were on our way to our breakfast haunt when the winter sun caught my eye.
Fig. 3. A lightbulb at Lord Hobo. Go there and try the Soylent Green.
Fig. 4. Hi Rise again. Lovely soft light and many-textured wood as far as the eye can see.

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booksandcoffee said...

great photos!
but i most envy you for winter sun. sigh.