New camera!

You may know that I'm teaching this summer.  To reward myself for being so productive I've been planning for months to buy myself my very first Digital SLR.  I love shooting film and this won't be the end of that habit, but it'll be nice to add some slightly better photos to the blog. 
And one can't underestimate the power of instant gratification, which one gets less of with film.  (In fact, the class I'm teaching is kind of the instant gratification version of beginning German, so it's an appropriate self-bribe.)
These are just a few samples from my first twenty-four hours with the new camera and I must say I'm pleased.  Obviously I don't know her yet and she doesn't know me yet, but we'll get there.   These represent the three most important food groups of my typical photo-taking: random texture and plant and food shots, dogs in motion, and silly bar and/or cafe photos.

Oh, and your food tip of the day: throw some golden raspberries on top of some yogurt and drizzle with local honey.  Then thank me.


Kerstin said...

I love it! I got a new DSLR last year and had the same honeymoon glow about my new relationship with it. It was so much fun! I love your photographs - especially the ones in the cafe/bar. Of course, your puppies are simply the cutest!

jljones said...

Can't wait to see those fireworks pictures...

Darby O'Shea said...

JLJ: Fireworks photos are up here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eejones/

I got some good ones!

Kerstin: The honeymoon glow is so very happy, isn't it? Thanks for the puppy gushing. Want to meet them sometime?