Maybe I have a bug up my ass, but ...

This article about the new American Girls movie is on my side, I think. Or I think A. O. (Anthony) Scott thinks he's on my side. His point about Hollywood neglecting girls (and women?) is right on and well taken, but his suggestion that Enchanted was a well-meant nod to girls doesn't quite rhyme with his bemoaning of the role models (fairy-tale princesses, Bratz and Barbie dolls, Lindsay Lohan) available to young women today (what about Hillary, Mr. Scott? Or even - God forbid - Condoleeza Rice -- let the record reflect that I do NOT like Condi, but I do respect that she is a woman who was risen to great power. Or how about Madeleine Albright? She's not too bad. Or maybe to be a role model you have to be young and sexy. That's right.). I may be mistaken, because I didn't have any interest in seeing that particular film, but isn't it a pretty standard Broadway musical cum fairy tale in which the goal of the female protagonist is to meet, enchant, and marry her man? That's really helpful.

Okay. Seriously this article isn't that bad, but I got all worked up after reading about Hillary and was mad at the media/world in general for its portrayal of women on all stages.

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