Trailing spouses

This post on Jezebel and the article on CNN that it refers to are really interesting. The idea of trailing spouses is one I've been thinking about a lot lately. I'm on a career path at the moment that is likely going to force me to move around for a while at least (at least until I get tenure or give up). I worry about my young man finding a job that is equally satisfying and demanding and that might not be very flexible, location-wise. I worry about us having difficulty deciding who will "trail" (though I think that term is really irritating) and who will lead (or whatever).

The other problem with this analysis of the problem is the vaguely sexist idea that it's the woman's own fault for choosing a more flexible career. Like it's her own damned fault? That's a little difficult for me to swallow.

Anyway, this is one of the many things I worry about heading into marriage. It's funny to be thinking about all these issues concretely (since the Hitching is just around the corner) instead of just theoretically. Very very very strange.

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Monkey said...

Are 'getting tenure' and 'giving up' the only 2 bipolar options? You should be like A.S.

I don't want to live in the middle of Nirgendwo, Montana, but then neither do you. Surely you would think twice about a job in a totally unacceptable place?

If I do have an awesome job in Boston, then I would have to think about remaining there. And conversely if, for example, the Atlantic told me I could have a good job in DC and you had to work at a college in MA, then I would have to consider that too.

Depends how important the jobs are compared to staying in the same place. As long as they're not in different continents.