Boston Organics!

I got the first box today! Very exciting. Today I received:
  • a bunch of collard greens
  • a head of lovely leaf lettuce
  • a container of broccoli sprouts
  • two small zucchini
  • a couple pounds of potatoes
  • an eggplant
  • a couple kiwis
  • a couple peaches
  • a couple apples
  • a bunch of bananas
  • some black plums
  • a couple nectarines
The zucchini and eggplant and potatoes will be no challenge, but I don't really know what to do with the collard greens or broccoli sprouts, as they're items I would never buy unprompted. BO sent along a good-looking collard greens recipe (with garam masala) that I may try. And I guess I'll stirfry the sprouts with some rice and other veg. Exciting!

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Blume said...

Collard greens: boil the shit out of them. That's my advice. And then drizzle with tasty oil.