The Clip Show, Part The First

This very amusing post from Jezebel makes me think about my ideal morning routine. The difference between me and these other women is that I don't have the fantasy of massive productivity in the morning. I do, however, have the fantasy of a life in which I can sleep late, spend time with my mans in the evening and stay up reaaal late at night. So here, in Jezebel fashion, is my ideal routine.

10:00 - Roll out of bed, walk Lucy while coffee is cooking. Eat leisurely breakfast of yogurt and granola while reading the internets. At work by 12. Home from work at 6, eat delicious dinner, watch amusing TV OR go out to fabulous club or bar with fabulous friends who can also sleep late. Alternatively, resume work for a couple hours around 11 or midnight, then go to sleep.

Alarm goes off at 6:53. Snooze until about 7:15, at which point my mans and I begin the morning firedrill of fast showers, no breakfast, abbreviated dog-walk, and half-running to the bus. Somewhere between 7:55 and 8:05, get on the bus. At work by 8:45. Prepare for and teach class til 10, at which point I procrastinate until it's time for a leisurely lunch with my fabulous colleague. Then more procrastination until I go home around 5. Ready for sleeping by 6, but drag myself through dinner and doze while my mans watches TV and moans at me for sleeping.

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booksandcoffee said...

Procrastination really IS tiring. I have the same problem. :)