To-Do 24.11-26.11

  • Make Vet Appointment for Lucy (for Tuesday or Wednesday) Tuesday at 4
  • Look into haircut for Lucy Tuesday at 10:30
  • Call for cab on Thursday at 4 AM
  • Get together NOAs for travelling purposes
  • Buy/Mail that thing I have to mail
  • Read Appleton
  • Grade
  • Pack for home (clothes to wear, outfit for shower on Saturday, Dan's wedding clothes, Lucy things, book to read, Wedding stuff)
  • Talk to parents about wedding stuff: photography, music, embroidery stuff
  • Clean out fridge
  • A little laundry -Not going to happen.
  • Dinner with K: tonight at 6
  • Dinner with Emi: Wednesday at 4
  • CVS run: band-aids, cotton balls, lip stuff, etc.
  • Start Christmas list
  • Start Christmas shopping

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