Bad mood muffins

This week (and yes, I know it's only Tuesday) has been one of the funkiest (i.e. funk-inducing) in a very long time and I could write something really cutesy and blah blah creativity and cooking blah blah journey of rebirth and discovery blah blah about how these muffins just made everything better.

Instead, sometimes you have to remind yourself that we can't all have a pony, pull yourself up by the brastraps (because who has bootstraps these days?) and get on with it. Getting on with it this morning involved some reading, some work, some moping, and one batch of rather tasty blueberry muffins. Of course, this week being firmly ensconced under a little black raincloud (actually a rather large one, judging by the spreading wet patches on our ceiling and the fact that my jeans were wet to the knees when I got home this afternoon) nothing worked out quite like I planned. The muffins were tasty, but I think that, for the first time, the Big Yellow Book failed me. The texture wasn't exactly what I hoped for (a little rubbery and denser than I would like) and I beg to differ with their test cooks - a whole tablespoon of baking soda is too much. Also, the batter made more than a dozen muffins, but they told me it made a dozen, so all the cups overflowed and I ended up with number 5 on their list of Cardinal Muffin Sins - flat tops. That doesn't bother me - it renders a better muffin top experience, but they told me it was a failure, so I felt bad anyway.
Anyway, part of getting on with it is saying, "screw those muffins and the recipe they came in on," so let's just say better luck next time and leave it at that.

Silver lining? Some of my seeds have germinated! I've got little tiny basil-lets sprouting! They're there, even if you can't see them.


Liz said...

Those muffins look tasty, regardless.

I see them! The tiny basil! They are so cute and wee!

Diane said...

it's all about the taste! Especially if you're eating them in private =)

molly said...

Used to love the Big Yellow Book, myself, but had a few letdowns, and now we're out of sorts. A little too school marm, not enough Nigella. Anway, we all needed an update to the sorry old bootstraps bit. Here's to another week, another muffin...

booksandcoffee said...

Don't let people who can't even get recipe volumes right make you feel like you failed!
Haha, and I just wrote feed, not feel. I need breakfast. Wish I had some of those muffins! :)