In no particular order:
  • I'm legally married.
  • Going home to finish planning the big church wedding in a couple days.
  • Things I've cooked:
    • Some pretty tasty ginger-soy stir fry
    • REALLY good potato pancakes
    • Lots and lots of pasta
    • Stuffed zucchini (with oriental eggplant)
  • What I'm cooking tonight: Spaghetti casserole
  • Loving the Boston Organics deliveries, but don't know what to do with cabbage.
  • General exams got pushed back by a little bit (thank GOD)
  • Went to world's ODDEST wedding this weekend
  • Bought my wedding shoes
  • Also bought some pretty amazing stripper heels
  • Had good friends over for a couple hours yesterday
  • Very very very happy playing house.


wiebke said...

You can make Kohlrouladen! I love Kohlrouladen!! You basically wrap ground meat in large cabbage leaves. Also, you can make cabbage casserole. Layers of cooked potatoes, cabbage, ground beef, add a white sauce like for lasagna, cheese on top. Ask me for specifics for both recipes.

PS: Surprised the cabbage tips come from the German? Ich denke nicht! ;-)

Andrea D said...

Also for cabbage: shred it and use it raw as the base for an asian-inspired salad. Thinly sliced bell peppers and hot peppers go nicely (and add color); sesame seeds are also tasty. Toss with a dressing of oil and seasoned rice vinegar. Let it marinate a bit before you eat it.