Culinary Update No. 3: Chocolate Bread Rolls

This was a Jamie Oliver recipe, but I had an unfortunate run-in with my salt... as in WAY too much of it. Anyway, here's the damage.
I made a basic bread dough (following J.O.'s recipe and using my Kitchen Aid). This is a picture of it rising beautifully.
While the dough was doing its thing, I crushed up some serious 70% Ghirardelli chocolate.
When the dough was ready to go, I rolled it out, coated it with a LOT of butter, and sprinkled it generously with chocolate crumbles. Then I rolled it up, jelly-roll style, and sliced it. This is what they looked like (messy) after assembled.

And about halfway through baking. The saltiness mellowed a bit after a couple days, so they were edible, but should have been more delicious. Not a total loss, but not a triumph, either.


thomaspa said...

that actually made me miss Zip-Loc bags and even cinnamon rolls...

EEJ said...

Want us to sent you some Zip-Locs? I'd offer cinnamon rolls as well, but I don't know how well they'd take the trip... maybe some Pecan Spinwheels?

Valeria said...

Interesting to know.