Semantic groaning

Two phrases I don't ever need to hear again:

"Wow factor" - when did this come into vogue and when will it disappear?

"Shock and awe" - after seeing it in a few too many different contexts, I can't take it any more. I kind of wish that whoever is elected passes a law outlawing all phrases coined by the Bush administration. That includes Homeland Security. What a silly faux-patriotism-inciting name.


wjh said...

I love the tag "meckern". No better name for such a category! :)

Daniel F. Le Ray said...

I also hate 'the perfect storm' as used since the beginning of this primary season. It's redundant English,

EEJ said...

Ooh, good one. I'm afraid I've been guilty of using that one too, though. :-/ Maybe we should compile a list of offending or too-often-used phrases.

EEJ said...