December, Day 10: Cooking in Literature

Tomorrow begins party prep, so today just a little note. Here's one of my favorite brief passages from literature about cooking, from one of my favorite books EVER.

Possession, By A.S. Byatt:

"When he got home that evening he could smell that Val was in a mood. The basement was full of the sharp warmth of frying onions, which meant she was cooking something complicated. When she was not in a mood, when she was apathetic, she opened tins or boiled eggs, or at most dressed an avocado. When she was either very cheerful or very angry, she cooked. She stood at the sink, chopping courgettes and aubergines, when he came in, and did not look up, so he surmised that the mood was bad. [...] Val put before him grilled marinated lamb, ratatouille and hot Greek bread."

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