December, Day 3: Gift Guides

Positively everyone who's anyone in the blogosphere is doing a Holiday Gift Guide this year. This is great because it makes my shopping easier. These lists are LOADED with great ideas.
My suggestion of the year is to make photobooks. MyPublisher, Blurb, and Shutterfly are all good options for this. We've made a book of our travels to Ireland for some of my in-laws, and hopefully they'll like them as much as I do.

If you live in or near Cambridge and are in doubt as to what you should buy for your nearest and dearest (or *ahem* me), check out these stores.

Black Ink: These fine purveyors of random things (including, but by no means limited to, books, dishes, toys, jewelry, eclectic import items, and soap) are always pitch-perfect for your slightly arty, stylish, independent girlfriend with good taste and high expectations. They have this set of porcelain keys I've been lusting after for two years, for no particularly good reason. Also, if you have a love of letterpress and money to burn, let this be your destination for holiday cards (and stationery for any occasion, really). Shop online, too.

Boutique Fabulous: Sort of like Black Ink in its eclecticism, but with a heavier dose of fabulous, a dash of vintage, and a side of furniture. For big ticket items, check out the antique furniture piled in the basement and scattered through the store (almost all of their display furniture is for sale!). They specialize in handcrafted and/or locally produced items and everything is fabulous. They also have a selection of vintage clothes, accessories, and jewelry. You can buy me any pair of earrings they have to offer, as well as a new chest of drawers. Or some of the pretty dishes they have on display.

Christina's Spice and Specialty Foods: THE place to buy specialty spices from all over. It's a joy to snoop around the shelves and no store in town smells as nice. Also, it's next door to Christina's Ice Cream, which is one of my (unranked, because they suit different moods) top three ice cream recommendations in town.

Cardullo's: THE place to buy expensive imported foodstuffs. Great destination for your Marzipanstollen and Advent Calendar needs, as well as for things like caviar, bubbly, and bacon-flavored chocolate bars. Their deli also makes a nice place to stop for a snack while shopping in Harvard Square.

Harvard Book Store: Pretty straightforward bookstore, except that they're friendly, knowledgeable, and locally owned. And they'll deliver to you by bike! Don't go to B&N or Borders or Amazon unless you have to.

Events you shouldn't miss during the holiday shopping season:

Shop Inman by Moonlight: Thursday December 10, 6PM-12AM. Shops open late, serving treats, providing entertainment, and offering discounts! All of Inman Square is fabulous, and all the shops there are shopping-worthy. Also, you can take a break at Bukowski's for a drink, mid-shopping. Or meander over to Lord Hobo for a Soylent Green.

Harvard Square Holiday Fair, First Parish Church Harvard Square: December 5-6, 11-13, 18-23. They have great craftsy things, including jewelry, keychains and wind chimes made out of silverware by Shine On (a perennial favorite gift of mine), really funny t-shirts from Perpiscuity (Toys for Trots!), and really cute retro kitcheny stuff from Fussy Gussy.

And now, most importantly, here are things I'm lusting after most severely:
  • Yashica Mat
  • Digital Rebel
  • Film Scanner
  • Jewelry of Any and All Types
  • Clothes. Specifically, sweaters (cowl neck, especially) and jackets.
  • A military-inspired jacket, like this one or this one.
  • A punch bowl, like this one, or an antique one like this.
  • Books.
  • A hutch or china cabinet for our kitchen.
  • A lamp for over the dining table.
  • No more credit card debt. (read: cash.)
  • Also, fun random things I don't expect! These are my favorite things to get!


jljones said...

This gift guide should be posted far and wide! This is brilliant

DLR said...

Plus the Harvard Bookstore owns www.harvard.com, which is pretty aweso...

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