December, Day 11: Party Prep Day 1

Getting myself and my kitchen ready for guests tomorrow. If you're not coming, now would be the time to start feeling sorry for yourself. Tonight I've...
  1. Made Vanilla Caramel - which will be cut into tiny bites and dipped into chocolate tomorrow.
  2. Made Cookie Dough for Bowtie Cookies - to be assembled and baked tomorrow.
  3. Made Cookie Dough for Ginger Sandwich Cookies - to be baked and assembled tomorrow. (This dough is disconcertingly wet... we'll see how they work out.)
  4. Started the St. Cecilia's Society Punch - lemons macerating in brandy, green tea syrup made.
  5. Made puff-pastry cheese straws.
Things to do tomorrow:
  1. Bake/assemble cookies.
  2. Finish punch.
  3. Bake one or two tarts (orange and maybe cranberry).
  4. Bake gougeres.
  5. Make a batch of benedictine.
  6. Set up the house.
Totally doable, right? Oh, and I'm going to a Latke party at 2 PM. Hm. Early morning, perhaps.


jljones said...

HURRAY!!!!! I can't wait for the party! We'll probably be there between 9 and 10pm, and I can't wait! I can't believe you're making homemade chocolates. I wish I could come over and help you get ready, but I'll be "proctoring" an exam. Let me know if you need anything special as I come over!

g. fox said...

I am feeling duly sorry for myself. As in... you have NO IDEA.