December, Day 2: Snowflakes and gooey cocktails

Part I

A few weeks ago Christine and I were canning cranberries. In an attempt to make jellied cranberries, we ended up with a few jars of cranberry goop. It's quite delicious, but not of a very useful consistency. Tonight I had the idea of using it to coat the rim of a cocktail glass. I turned to my trusty standbys - apple juice and bourbon - to fill the glass and topped it off with a little ginger ale. The goo sliding down into the glass was quite pretty before the cocktail was added, but it ended up looking a little bloody. Looks aside, though, it was delicious and henceforth it shall be called the Hard Candy Apple Martini. Make one ASAP.If you have cranberry goo to spare, that is. (Recipe on request.)

Part II
Last night I officially sent out the Holiday/Housewarming/Wedding/Birthday Party invitations (I've been threatening to have a big party for a couple years now, and I figured we could just combine all those reasons into one large multi-purpose party) and started obsessing today about the menu and decorations. I was in the decorating mood anyway, it being the holidays and me being in the holiday spirit, so I cut up a bunch of paper snowflakes and hung them all over the apartment.Midway through this project, Dan showed me this incredible video of GIANT JELLYFISH INVADING JAPANESE WATERS and I decided to make a paper jellyfish. It being the holidays, however, and me being in the holiday spirit, I decided to make it a festive jellyfish. A Jollyfish, if you will. I rather like him. I shall call him Oliver.
(Bonus points and your very own Oliver by mail if you understand that reference!)



Okay, I need the recipe! I like this bloody look ;-) So, cheers girl!

DLR said...

I shall call him Darth Oliver.