I know, I know, you're all so sick of hearing about the party. But this recipe was SO good I just made another batch of it. So it's not just a party-recipe.
I've always had a giant-sized sweet tooth and have traditionally eaten candy of various sorts until I feel very ill every Christmas. My parents always set out dishes of M&M's (both peanut and plain - separately, because everyone's a purist one way or the other), Hershey's miniature bars (I love the Mr. Goodbar miniatures), and all kinds of other things. Walking through the house from kitchen to living room is like walking through a veritable minefield of chocolate. And that's not even to mention my dad's annual millions of batches of fudge. Mind you, I'm not complaining.

I thought I'd give my candy-making chops a try, and did so with these DELICIOUS chocolate-dipped vanilla caramels from this month's Food and Wine. A few tips from my adventure trying this recipe out:
  • GENEROUSLY oil the aluminum foil into which you plan on pouring the caramel to chew. It is a REAL pain when it sticks because you underestimated the stickiness of hot caramel.
  • Don't stop at the recipe's suggestion of bittersweet caramel for the dipping. I also dipped a batch in white chocolate, which resulted in a very sweet, but delicious treat. And when I got tired of dipping, I just salted the leftover pieces so they wouldn't stick together. Salted caramel = genius. but you all know that.
Try this recipe! So delicious.

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