December, Day 22: Post-solstice, pre-flight

Today we have another lame post because I've been flitting about present shopping and cleaning the apartment and packing up my little suitcase and getting ready to fly HOME tomorrow.

Home is, of course, a relative term these days, but around the holidays, home means Indiana. And the good news about a lame post today is that starting tomorrow, I'll be in the land of outlandish cooking projects and will have much MUCH more exciting things to share with you all.
Anyway, today's lame-o post features the Freakish Perpetually Blooming Orchid. You might remember this flower's debut back in September, the day before the Badness happened. Anyway, she's been blooming ever since then! Over three months now! I have admitted before that I'm no orchid expert, but I really REALLY didn't think it'd still be blooming now. The little flower that opened today is one of three new buds that appeared a couple weeks ago and there's a whole new stalk with six or seven buds growing bit by bit every day. What a pleasant little plant! And they say Ikea doesn't sell anything that lasts...

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